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We have listed here Clues & Answers of Amazon Treasure Hunt 10 October 2017, 2PM to 10 PM!

Amazon Treasure Hunt Clues & Answers:

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October 10, 2017:

Hint: Only fashion products.

Amazon Treasure Hunt Ended today! Thank you all for your support !!


09:45 PM:

Clue: Backpack Image

Answer: Skybags Polyester Blue School Backpack (BPGRO5ELBU)


09:30 PM:

Clue: Some Keepers May Elicit Interest

Answer: Skmei Analogue-Digital Grey Dial Men’s Watch – 1016


09:15 PM:

Clue: Also a person who travels on foot

Answer: Fastrack Wayfarer Unisex Sunglasses (Black)


09:00 PM:

Clue: Image

Answer: Kanvas Katha Roselina Women’s Sling Bag (Black) (KKRJQ027)


Blockbuster Clue: Maverick’s favorite

Answer: Ray-Ban UV protection Aviator unisex Sunglasses (L0205|58 millimeters|Green)


08:45 PM:

Clue: An eye & another, close to Yuvi

Answer: Fastrack UV Protection Wrap Men’s Sunglasses (P089BR2Brown)


08:30 PM:

Clue: Image..

Answer: YouBella Exclusive Gold Plated Pearl Studded Traditional Temple Necklace Set / Jewellery Set with Earrings for Girls and Women


08:15 PM:

Clue: When the unit of spending without the CY, meets the dimension of time

Answer: Curren Luxury Analogue White Dial Men’s Watch CUR023

08:00 PM:

Clue: White canvas with a twist spins a story in black

Answer: Kanvas Katha Roselina Women’s Sling Bag (Black) (KKRJQ021)

Blockbluster Clue:
A village in Tuscany

Answer: Caprese Women’s tote bag. (Blue)


07:45 PM:

Clue: When you are feeling blue, go beyond the spectrum

Answer: Fastrack Sport unisex Sunglasses (P223BU2Blue)


07:30 PM:

Clue: Image

Answer: Alessia74 Women’s Tote bag (Blue)(SU010C)


07:15 PM:

Clue: A tourist from city of angles

Answer: American Tourister 27 Ltrs Black Casual Backpack (AMT STRATOS BP-03 BLACK/ORANGE)


07:00 PM:

Clue: Image

Answer: Alessia74 Women’s Handbag (Beige) (SU012E)


Blockbuster Clue: For the many you & a desert animal

Answer: Lavie Tope Women’s Handbag (Camel)


06:45 PM:

Clue: Image

Answer: Yellow Chimes Sparkling Colors Flowerets Vine Swiss CZ 18K Rose Gold Plated Bracelet for Women


06:30 PM:

Clue: In time for Richie Rich’s Club

Answer: Rich Club Combo Of 4 Analogue Multicolor Dial Men’s And Boy’s Watch-605Blk+118Blu+Av51+70Blu


06:15 PM:

Clue: Accelerator brake & ____

Answer: Lavie Women’s Clutch (Grey)


06:00 PM:

Clue: “Move on” they say

Answer: Fastrack UV Protection Wrap Men’s Sunglasses (P089BK1Multi-Color)


Blockbuster Clue: Larger than size & sits below a temple

Answer: Ray-Ban UV protected Oversized Men Sunglasses (0RB3335I00157|57 millimeters|Crystal Green)


05:45 PM:

Clue: See it when it rains & shines or on your neck

Answer: Yellow Chimes Swiss Zircon Rainbow colors Exquisite 18K Real Rose Gold Plated Pendant for Women and Girls


05:30 PM:

Clue: A artist needs a white c___s

Answer: Kanvas Katha Women’s Handbag (White) (KKSQL002)


05:15 PM:

Clue: Has a nose bridge & a temple length

Answer: IDEE Gradient Wayfarer Unisex Sunglasses


05:00 PM:

Clue: Olive to the eye, you can carry it sky high

Answer: Skybags Brat 22 Ltrs Olive Casual Backpack (BPBRA3OLV)


Blockbuster Clue: French life has a lot in store

Answer: Lavie Women’s Handbag (Beige) Rs. 4160/-


October 03, 2017:


07:45 PM:

Clue: The original comes with tough green cover & a soft white cushion

Answer: Paper Boat Coconut Water, 200ml (Pack of 6)


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5. At the search list, normal price may be displayed but you have to open that and then find for a lightening deal tab there. Rs. 1 will not be shown at the product listing itself.

6. Go to the Product Page after a successful search and Add the Lightening deal to cart.

7. Now Complete the Payment process asap and claim that product at Rs. 1 only.