VHDL : a programming tool 1
VHDL refers to as Verilog Hardware Description Language used as a programming tool for PLD’s/ Pal’s. The VHSIC Hardware Description Language (VHDL) is an industry standard language used to describe hardware from the abstract to concrete level. It defines the syntax but also defines very clear simulation semantics for each language construct. It provides extensive range of modelling capabilities. VHDL is used for coding models of analog and digital systems. […]

VHDL : A Programming Tool for Electronic Design Automation

Personalized Mobile Search Engines
We propose a customized versatile web crawler (PMSE) that catches the clients’ inclination in the manifestation of thoughts by mining their click through information. Because of the vitality of area qualified data in versatile look, PMSE characterizes these thoughts into content thoughts and area ideas. Furthermore, clients’ areas (positioned by GPS) are utilized to supplement the area thoughts in PMSE. To describe the differing qualities of the thoughts connected with […]

Personalized Mobile Search Engine

XBee Technology 3
The word ‘ZigBee’ is setting a trend in wireless world. We know during certain hazards in industry it is very difficult to monitor the parameter through wires and analog devices such as transducers/sensors. So as to overcome this problem we have moved to wireless device for monitoring the parameters, for preparation in worst cases. Few years back the use of wireless device were less, but now a days due the […]

Smart Communication Using ZigBee Technology

Tool Chain
A Toolchain is the set of Programming Tools that are used to create software. The Tools are used in a chain , so that the output of each tool becomes the input for the next tool.   Editor: Editor is program in which we can write our code and edit that code. Gedit , kwrite are the examples of editors.   File name : Demo.c #include<stdio.h> #define MAX 10 int […]