Money Matters!

You know money really matters to all of us. It means it is required by from poor to rich. so it will include everything from money to business to economics..if take art, business, economics money comes always first.. so that is the whole idea about the money matters..!!

Campaign for Revival of lapsed policies from 5-8-2013 to 31-10-2013. It has been decided by LIC to launch a Campaign for revival of lapsed policies from 5-8-2013 to 31-10-2013. Those insured persons who missed their premium due which resulted in policy lapse will get an opportunity to start their LIC policy again. Following are the terms and conditions laid by the LIC to renew the policy: A) ELIGIBILITY OF POLICIES […]

Life Insurance-Part-2

Life Insurance Policy
“Main Zindagi Ka Saath.. Nibhata Chala Gaya.. Main Fikra Ko Dhua Main.. Udata Chala Gaya..” This song was made famous by Late Legendary actor Mr.Dev Anand Sahab. Of course! We cannot reduce the credit of lyricist as well as singer of this song. But whenever we listen to this song we think about Dev Sahab. In this song the person is alone, he is single. The person is trying to […]

Life Insurance

Economics Basically
So friends I am back. I am back with a big bang for chatting, making fun, & for sharing basic Economics with all of you. And I am extremely happy that I am meeting again with all of you. I Hope you all have enjoyed my previous article Economics Basically. Now, you will say yaar koi Economics ko bhi kabhi enjoy karta hai bhala? I will say yes, why not? […]

Economics Basically 2

Is Economics Horrible?
Hi friends! I am Abhijeet is here. First of all I would like to welcome to all of you on our website techliebe. Techliebe is a germen word which means love for technology. I am here to make fun & to make some serious business with all of you. Nowadays, there is so much halla bol about our economy & about depreciating rupee etc. There is very much chaos & […]

Economics Basically