Vision For 2020

When the Indian posed the question ‘India Tomorrow’: Global Giant or Pygmy? Sometimes, I feel a nation of billion people think like a nation of million people. Why is it so? I consider no other nation has got the civilization heritage like India to live a near peaceful life. We got freedom in 1947 as a result of what I call the first vision for the nation. This vision created the best of leaders and thinkers in fields like philosophy, science, judiciary, technology and industry. Now more than 60 years have gone by and we are called as one among the hundreds of developing countries and in a distinct way a separation from G-8 countries. We have many questions. Nearly 260 million people who are the below the poverty line have to join the mainstream of a good life. Hundred percent literacy, health for all, and agricultural productivity and a life style with a value system have to emerge. Hence, we need the second vision for the nation to become developed.


India super power


After independence, India looked forward to development through five years plan. The green Revolution and technology growth enabled india to prosper with self-sufficiency in food, and achievements in many technology frontiers, particular in two decades. Today india is the skillful age, which provides an opportunity to become a development nation with a strong economy.

In the 21st century a new society is emerging where knowledge is the primary production resource instead of capital and labor. People’s lives will be enriched by Information Technology-driven knowledge products and system, biotechnology and space technology. Nano technology will enter into human usage like the control system of various transportation system, medical technology equipment and aerospace system.


In order to realize a development india by 2020, five keys areas have been identified for an integrated action:

  • Agriculture and processing of food, with the target of 360 million tonnes of food and agriculture products in a year. Other areas of agriculture processing will bring food security and prosperity to rural people and speed up economic growth.
  • Good Education and good healthcare aimed at increasing the employment potential leading to social security and population control.
  • Infrastructure increasing, including simple and quality electric power for all parts of the country which is vital for all parts of the country, which is vital for all core sectors.
  •   Information and communication technology –this is one of our core competencies, and promoting education in remote, rural areas and creating massive employment and national wealth through export earning and
  • Critical technology an strategic industries-the progress in nuclear, space and defense technology will provides sustained growth and self reliance for the nation.


Kalam & Youngsters of India


In this vision period, the government has to build a name for itself by quick decision making and transparent. The social people have to become a partner and a positive critic in national development. Our musicians, poets and artists should nurture the glory of our great civilization and sing the song of developed India. This type of motivated will indeed laid a great foundation for our vision of transforming India into a developed nation.


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