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Time Management
You won’t remember your alma maters lessons, but you surely remember the proverb “Time and tides waits For No One” as you grow you it is very much tough to manage time. Here are some of the tips for time management! Most often each of us is drenched with the same question what did I do on the weekend? Early Monday question makes you nervous. Some of you even might […]

Worker Smarter Not Harder….

Communication in Software Engineering
Hi  Guys, These are the basic principles of software engineering i am going to discuss with you. Requirement gathering activity: – Before customer requirement can be analyzed modeled or specified they must be gathering through commutation called Requirement gathering activity. Customer has a problem or requirement which is not compatible with computer based solution. A developer responds to customer’s request for help which starts communications. Effective communication is most challenging […]

Communication Practices in Software Engineering-Part-1

This article states that functioning of process model and various process model used in software engineering .This article explain use of this model in software development life cycle (SDLC) in simple lucid language.  The major and commonly used process models should be adapted for uses by a software project team. To achieve this, process technology tools have been developed which helps software development organizations to 1. Analyze current process 2. […]

The Process Model