Worker Smarter Not Harder….

You won’t remember your alma maters lessons, but you surely remember the proverb “Time and tides waits For No One” as you grow you it is very much tough to manage time. Here are some of the tips for time management!
Most often each of us is drenched with the same question what did I do on the weekend? Early Monday question makes you nervous. Some of you even might have motivation this is not for you. These tips are for those who are struggling to manage time, no goals, have task to task in life, always checking emails, running an errand.


Time Management


Then, what are the tips?

Check it below:

1. Delivering time to a paramount task.
2. Say “NO” (Be assured to commitments).
3. Sleeping for 7 to 8 Hours.
4. Concentrate on your task on which you are working at present.
5. Start early in the morning.
6. Conscientious amount of TV, Internet, Games
7. Exercise at regular basis can help you and keep you fresh.
8. Organize your task.
9. Enjoyment is always part of triumph life.
10. Lastly the same mantra “ Work Hard and Play Harder.”

Surely these tips are not 100 % will be part of life in the first half but at least you are starting some time management work. Stay Tuned to get more about life changing experiences.


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