CertExams.com CCNA Network Simulator


If you are preparing for Cisco CCNA Intro, CCNA and ICND certifications or cannot access to Cisco routers for learning and training or designing a network, CertExams.com CCNA network simulator is for you.


ccna network simulator



It has more than 40 labs with give you first-hand experience and help in learning.

It simulates the running environment of the Cisco router IOS supporting more than 80 router commands in the Cisco router console and eliminates the need for an actual router for training.

Switch, router, PC and ISDN, Ethernet and Serial connectors are supported for network designers.

It comes with an integrated detailed help file which includes

1. Supported commands,

2. How to navigate through the lab exercises and router console simulator,

3. Disclaimer.

You can download a demo version for free and purchase a key to unlock the full version.


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