Do You Know About Geographic Information System?

This article gives the information of “GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEM” (GIS) GIS or geographic information system is any system that capture, stores, analyzes, manages and present data that are linked to location. A geographic information system (GIS) combines hardware, software and data for capturing (coughing), managing, analyzing and displaying all forms of geographical referenced information. GIS allows us to deep understand, interrogates, interrupt and analyzing data which reveals the relationship, patterns (mould) and trends in the form of maps (way of direction), globes, reports (results) and charts.

A GIS helps you answer question and solve problem by looking at you data to understand quickly and to spread it easily to all. GIS technology can be combined into any enterprise information system framework. GIS is a computer system for collecting, sorting, integration, manipulating analyzing and displaying data related to position on the earth’s surface level. We can represent it by showing several layers where each distinct layer represents data about a special type of feature. GIS can relate otherwise disparate on the basis of about all geography, revealing hidden mould, relationships, and trends that are not in OK apparent in spreadsheet or statistical packages, often constructing new information from old data resources.


Geographic Information System


A geographic information system (GIS) uses a computer and IT-Software to leverage location for people’s lives. It helps route destination trucks and manages road paving. It helps new client find new prospects, and manages the field efficiently. GI System takes the number and word from the rows and columns in database and spreadsheet and puts them on maps.

GIS also provides tools for the large companies comply with local level and national level regulations. GIS provides helping hand to locate shelter and areas, acquire facilities, and etc. things which are required for the company. In telecommunication, when phone services are out, the network can disconnect at any time. GI System provides tools for finding out which part of that network is affected. This is what about the GIS or geographic information system.


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