Dry Scalp is a Warning For Head Skin?

The problem of head skin is called as Dry Scalp. This is a situation which effect many problems to person. Ones these problems of dry scalp are affected to person then he/she may suffer from itchy, annoy scalp and free from moisture and changes the look of the hairs. The problem of head skin may also reveal in ugly small and thin piece like snow or in short dandruff.

The usual scalp has a pH of around 5 as well as more base oil organ which keep the problem of head skin and hair become smooth. Disordering the pH amount or stripping the oils from skin of the head and hair can become unease and dry. The process of itching can be increased due to imbalance of pH and give a way to yeast bacteria due to this only itching can be increased.

Using more amount of oil for making smooth hair causes the affect such as dry hair and difficult to Control it. If there is major problems of head skin then natural oil should not applied, because the hair losses the shin and smooth look of hairs. It is very easy to know the symptom of this problem and that is we can see the two or double hair attached to another hair.

The problem of dry scalp makes the person ashamed. The urgency to rub an itchy scalp can be control and it is possible to overcome. If the person rub to itchy places than this is the horrible problem. The dandruff as well as small piece of snow like can be overcome or we can stop it and free from the tension of impression in professional condition.

There are some symptom regarding the head skin problem and they are listed below:

If the following problems are with you than it is Dry scalp

1)      Hair become color less or hair become unhealthy

2)      Tightness

3)      And more crucial is Itch in hairs


If this problems has than confirm you are going from the head skin problems. In this case the itchiness in hair increase fast but there is different types of itch in different cases depend on the priority of patient. If there are more and more itching and it causes the infection as well. Due to these things the person had a habit to scratch their hair skin. As compared to other skin which is not suffering from these problems they have soft skin but person who is suffering from this problems have tight skin and not easily moved also not having flexible skin. If the dry scalp is major problem then there is increment in the itchiness condition as well as tightness. The hair becomes shininess and looks different from other and having dull hair and growing two and more hairs from one hair.

The hair can break simple and get loss as well as it can be tear simple. There is condition in which there is great increment in split and not able to control it. If we apply the color mate or any other things that can make the color to hair will not absorb that and not makes the affect on hair. The problem of skin head can be controlled and horrible symbol for person. Dry scalp is happen due to washing the hairs many times in a week or every day applying different kinds of shampoo.

There are many causes due to which the dry scalp takes places and they are described below. The first and more important causes of skin head problem is dandruff. It is small white piece like snow which causes the huge itching on the head. The major things for causing the dandruff are increment in yeast. The dandruff takes or lives on our head between hairs as well as in eyebrow, long beards on men faces. To overcome properly on dandruff it is necessary to remove the fungal part without generating more annoy as well as redness. The cases which are not more severe can be overcome by using shampoo which contains selenium, tree of tea oil and zinc. There are some cases in which there is no itching but more amount of flaky then we can try to use shampoo such as salicylic acid. More amount of inflexible cases want a anti-fungal shampoo as well as cortisone foam, and the patient who have major causes of it could try pills such as anti  yeast.

The increase in the itch on head causes due to going always to hair salon, and using or applying the different kinds of color mate a different types of chemical which makes hair colored. Another things for causing the dry scalp is always using the drying machine apply the dryer after some times of bath this all this is scientifically proved. The itching process takes the different turns due to using the different hairs chemical there is some chemical such as sprays which contain the materials that causes the tight hairs. Another reasons for the dry scalp is that cool environment having less amount of humidity and action of wind as well as sun.


Dandruff itchy scalp


Anxiety condition about itchy scalp

In some cases there is red spot on the head skin and it take itchier situation, and it is more serious problem. If your hairs are started removing or breaking easily from head then there is circle type worm. There is mud on the hairs or there is hard part of the hairs or there is puss on the head of the skin then the person is suffering from the infection such as staph. Different kinds of the shampoo are really harmful and create the more chance of dry scalp. One more treatment for the itchy scalp includes shampoo that contains tar as well as selenium its work is that it make less cell death and process such s flaking.


Treatment for dry scalp.

  • Make use of olive oil

Each and every time when the patient or person who is suffering from this problem of skin head can damages the cells and fall of hair starts. When you clean your hairs a gently by washing with waters apply the table spoons sugar more than four spoons and less than five spoons In small dish and add some amount of olive oil or you can mix your preferred oil to make a paste. Apply this paste to your hairs before applying the shampoo to your hairs. The procedure to apply this paste is that you slowly apply this past to your hairs in a rounded manner and after that you can apply the shampoo as usually.

  • Use natural oil for hair

Apply oil that is good for hair and you can prevent hair loss to.

  • Make use of natural oils

It  will help to grow hair.

  • Make use of egg

Even if you any kind of side effect problem you can make use of egg. Egg is natural that you can us to spread on head even if it smells good remedy to scalp or dry scalp.

  • Wash your hair when you come from dust

Make sure that when you are in dust after coming home takes a wash and don’t obviously clean your hair. It may even make loss of hair.

  • Make use of shampoo to clean on weekends

Everyday shampoo use is not good for hair. It may even cause hair loss too. So use shampoo on weekends and that to in requisite amount.

  • Make use of cleaner to dry your hair after bath

Instead of cleaning with towel make use of dryer or cleaner to dry your hair

  • Use Alma for eating and raw tamarind and green leafy vegetable

Avoid the water which not too hot during the time of bath

If we use the hot water during bath it will reduces the oils from your head skin and make it dry as well as sensitive.

  • Do not keep your hair wet for the long time

if we kept the hair wet for long time then moisture take place on your head.

The dry scalp can be reduced doing many things one of them described here, if you are suffering from the dry scalp or having the more itching on the head.

  • Dry to avoid dust, don’t where p caps or helmets for longer time

Yes helmet are important for secure life but it has been observed it causes hair loss so if you have to decide it. Dust particles are too affecting air.

  • Consult doctor if you have serious problem

Make sure in preliminary stage of hair loss you consult a good doctor.


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