DXF to DWG Converter

DXF to DWG Converter is a simple and effective tool for converting DXF files to DWG files. The best thing – it doesn’t require AutoCAD for conversion of files.


Software: DXF to DWG Converter


You can select a file for conversion or you can batch process a group of files. It supports bidirectional conversion. That’s right. It can convert DXF to DWG as well as DWG to DXF.

All the versions of DWG/DXF files are supported ranging from R2.5 and R2013 DWG/DXF formats.

Its intuitive user interface is both simple to understand and easy to master.

If you have a professional edge, the Pro version of DXF to DWG Converter has an option for command ling just for you. All these in a single tool.


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