Easy Audio Mixer



If you are a beginner and afraid of trying those nasty and cumbersome multi-track audio editors, you can give a shot to Easy audio mixer.




A powerful yet simple editing tool capable of performing many important functions.

Even if you have never used any multi-track editor, with Easy audio mixer you will soon be creating your own projects.

With Easy audio mixer it’s easy to import songs. Simply drag and drop them in a time table like display. Once done you will get a wave display of music, one per channel.

Go on and apply effects, capture audio from many supported recording devices and edit channels.


Try to move tracks in timeline, cut and replace, add radio or bass or club sounds or simply play with flinger effects.

If you are a singer, there is much more that this software can offer to you. Want to record your favorite song. Simply import your song and remove vocals from it and add your singing talent to it.

No need to panic about complex multi-track audio editors.


Easy Audio Mixer


Why to use it?


All you need is to download this effective tool – Easy audio mixer. With its simple and user friendly interface it’s easy to master in minutes.


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