How to gain your weight faster?

There is correct saying “health is wealth” if you lose health the wealth that you have is not useful. Many people have a hobbit of working for hours neglecting their diet and are not health consciousnesses. The problem gives rise to losing their weight and increasing weakness that causes them to take bed rest and causes loss of assets they were working.

The solution to be healthy and to gain weight is to eat and eat. The best way to increase your weight is too have heavy diet and sleep. Reducing strain is best remedy to increase weight.

As advice by experts of medical field u can increase a weight in a week by increasing your daily diet. An apple and banana a day helps to increase weight.


Tips for successful gaining your weight…


Eat and eat as much you can:

As many of say they should abide this rule but people who have to increase weight must try to do this. The first habit to increase your weight to be that you should eat a lot of healthy food. To increase weight one should have 5 to 6 times meals a day with great nutrients.

Most of the will think of junk food to increase weight but they are mistaken heavy foods means nutritious food. One should never avoid taking lot of milk and heavy diet a day.


How to gain weight? : Go for high proteins food


Increase weight is not simple or task that can be done in day but u can increase in span by eating healthy food like sprouts, cash nuts, peanuts ,ghee etc. your dinner and lunch should have vegetables like potato, which rich in proteins.

For non vegetarian people an egg helps you to increase your weight as well as your energy content. Fish, meat helps to increase your weight to greater extent. Milk butter cheese are likely to increase your weight in less span of time.IN bed time go for eating chocolates, chiseling’s, cashew nuts, dry fruits etc


Gain Weight, Maintain Health


Increase your work out and physical work:


To increase weight you need to have hunger then you will have a food to great quantity. You a take a step to increase weight, what you’ve been doing will not be enough. Your muscles of your body will get accustomed to the work you’re putting them through as your muscles workouts get easier, try to take more efforts as to increase food in daily habits.


Something to be avoided for increasing weight:


1. Do not drink water, juices half an hour before your dinner or lunch that causes an effect on your food.

2. Try to be free of stress and worries and tensions.

3. Do not try to work hard or physically

4. Increase proteins and calories reduce physical and stress work.


Some easy tips to increase weight:


  1. have at least 6 hrs sleep to increase weight
  2. Always a keep snack like biscuits, cake, nuts string cheese with you. If you find difficult to prepare each day prepare them ahead of time and eat as much.
  3. Becoming too fat cut back a bit on the calories and do more exercise to bring the fat level down.
  4. Maintain health chart and follow it.

To wrap up we can say increasing weight is simple if we eat a healthy nutritious food as much we can try to eat and drink as much you can stay healthy and be wealthy.


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