FlashFXP is a powerful and user friendly FTP client for Windows platforms. Its user interface is similar to Windows file explorer that makes it so user friendly.


With FlashFXP you can easily share your files, be it pictures, movies or documents, with your friends.

FlashFXP is a flexible tool that allows you to transfer files from ftp server to your local hard drives.

It has unique feature of FTP server to server file transfer.

It incorporates latest security features to allow a secure and reliable file transfer.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a technical person or a novice; FlashFXP makes it all so simple.

Even if you are behind any gateways or proxies, don’t worry, FlashFXP takes care of it with ease.

Along with support for SSH (Secure Shell) and SSL (Secure Socket Layer) it provides you with options of over 20 languages to choose from.




Why to Use it?

It offers total control by providing unique features such as scheduled file transfers with email notifications, limit setter for uploading and downloading speed, file searching on servers, transfers based on priorities and much more. With its totally customizable user interface and advance features, FlashFXP makes the task of file transfers, a simple trick of clicks.


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