Knowledge Processing Outsourcing (KPO)

This article gives the information of KPO. The KPO stands for Knowledge Processing Outsourcing. KPO is a form of outsourcing, in which knowledge related and information related work is carried out by workers in a different company or by a subsidiary of the same company or organization, which may be in the same country destination or in an offshore location to save(reduce) cost. Therefore the outsourcing of manufacturing, this typically includes high value work carried out by highly skilled staff. KPO firms, in addition to provide expertise in the process themselves, often make many low level business decisions typically those that are easily undone   if they conflict with higher-level business plans.


 Knowledge Processing Outsourcing


Process transparency is a major barrier to using KPO services. Many company or organizations do not track or trace carefully which decision are make by whom, and rely so much on informal social process that it is unclear how much the use of KPO would disrupt existing operation. However, like Sarbanes-Oxley and radical transparency moments like full cost accounting, shareholder activism and echo-labels and moral purchasing require organization to be more explicit about when and by whom decision are made. These trends make it easier for outsourcing non-critical jobs to be considered by qualifying the impact of decision in advance.

A fully developed service economy enables KPO by treating all function as services. So do more technical trends such as services oriented architecture(construction), enterprise application integration and telework:it is easier to outsource a job if it is already begin formed outside the head office. Organization adopting ISO 9000 and ISO 19011 should also find it much easier to integrate externally provided KPO into their operation and audit on a fair basis. As of 2007 most of US organization were hiring foreign professionals under H-1 visas to o job in the US for several years after which they would return to their home country as managers to train and supervising others, Continuing to report to their former business unit.


Knowledge Processing Outsourcing


The KPO can be defined in many ways one o definition of KPO is “KPO is merely a continuation of BPO though with rather more business complications”. KPO is usually focused on knowledge intensive business process that requires significant domain expertise. The offshore team services is that KPO  contract cannot be easily hired overnight as they will be highly educated and trained and trusted to take decision on behalf of the customer. IT outsourcing is strongly focused around technical professionalism and the migration to business process outsourcing introduces this extra dimension of application professionalism. Ever more difficult services as applied by KPO demonstrate this very well. The profit of people being hired to serve within KPO services companies are more diverse than just being drawn from technical IT services – this are the people with MBAs and medical , Engineering, design or other specialist business skills.KPO delivers higher value to organization that offshore there domain based process, thereby enhancing the traditional cost quality paradigm BPO The central them of KPO is to create value for the client by providing business expertise rather than process expertise.

Types of KPO Services:

  • Investment research services
  • Business research services
  • Data Analytics
  • Market research services
  • Valuation and Fairness opinions

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