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Relationship in people and effort in software engineering
            Software engineering handles the relationship between people and effort management for product development phase. These some points are as follows:- When software size is small single person can handle same project by performing steps like requirement analysis, designing, code generation, and testing etc. If the project is large additional people are required to complete. the project in stipulated in time it become easy to complete project by distributing work […]

The relationship between people and effort in software engineering?

Capability Maturity Model
           This article gives the information about Capability Maturity Model that is CMM. CMM is for software is an industry standard model for defining and measuring the maturity of a software company’s development process and for providing direction on what that they can to improve its software quality. It is a framework for software development which was developed by the software development community along with the software Engineering Institute (SEI) at […]

Do You Know What Is Capability Maturity Model (CMM)

Interactive LCD
This article gives the useful information LCD that is Liquid Crystal Display. A LCD is a thin flat display devices made up of any number of color or monochrome pixels arrayed in front of a light source or reflector. Each pixel on an LCD typically consists of layer of molecules aligned between two transparent electrodes and two polarizing filters, the axes of transmission of what are (in most of cases) […]

Do You Know What is LCD?

Solid State Drive
All of us are familiar with Hard Disk Drive(HDD) which is used in our PC. But when we go in market for buying new laptop the salesperson ask us whether we want to have HDD in our laptop or SSD? And we get confused by the term SSD. So basically what is SSD? Solid State Drive (SSD) in simple term is a data storage device which uses NAND-based flash memory […]

Solid State Drive

This article gives the information of NFTS. It is the standard file system of Windows NT, including its later version Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows server 2008. NTFS (NT file system sometimes New Technology File System) is the file system that the Windows NT operating system uses for storing and retrieving files on a hard disk NTFS is the Windows NT equivalent of the windows 95 file allocation table […]

Do You Know What is New Technology File System?

SQA Activities
This article gives the information related to the software quality assurance (SQA). Software Quality Assurance (SQA) is planned and systematic way to evaluate quality of software product standards, process and procedure. SQA includes the process of assuring that standard and procedure are established and followed throughout the software acquisition life cycle.  Standards are the criteria to which the software products are compared specified standards are used to define the development […]

What is Software Quality Assurance?

Middleware Technlogy
Middleware is computer software that connects software components or application. There are different middleware technologies such as Java EE, JDBC, JMS, RPC, RMI, EJB ,Entity bean, Message bean, Session bean. In this part-I we will see middleware technologies such as Java EE, JDBC, JMS, RPC, RMI. Let us start with Java EE- 1) Java EE– Java EE stands for Java Platform, Enterprise Edition. It is used for server programming and […]

Middleware Technologies Part-I