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RFID stands for ‘Radio Frequency Identification’. It is short range communication system. An RFID consist of three main parts an antenna, transponder and a receiver. It is used to transfer data and is transferred through electromagnetic and electrostatic coupling. Data size can range from 2000 bytes and less. RFID system uses tag for identification of object. It consists of radio frequency transmitter and receiver. These tags contains unique tag serial number or may contain any information related to product. Information in tag is placed in non volatile memory. RFID tags can be read without the knowledge of the user hence they provide less security. If you are carrying bag then contents in the bag can be seen with the help of RFID tag reader. These tags can be read from a long distance (with high antenna) without knowing user. Hence security concern is a major issue in it.




RFID range varies from 10cm to 200m depending on the bandwidth used. The data transfer speed may also vary such as high, low, moderate. This speed depends on the type of bandwidth used. RFID system contains RFID reader which helps in communication with RFID tag. Distance is usually short and communication is wireless. Reader contains transmitter and receiver. It helps in transmitting as well as receiving radio frequency signals. Transmitters consist of modulator to place data on carrier signal and receiver contains demodulator to extract data. Both transmitter and receiver consist of amplifier to amplify signal at transmitting end as well as at receiving end. Signals are sent in different ways depending on the frequency band used by the tag. RFID consist of unique identifier similar to ATM card and must be scanned to retrieve information. RFID can be used in number of application such as in identification of animals, passport, public transport, barcode system, etc.


RFID Reader


RFID is similar to barcode technology but the main difference is that RFID scanning can be done at greater distance than barcode scanning. For example you can purchase all of your grocery items and put it in bag and you can set that bag on scanner. All your purchased items will be total up and bill will be available immediately. RFID technology is not used mostly because of the lack of standards available in the market. RFID chip size is very small. It is as small as grain of rice hence can be implanted within living body. RFID is placed inside special kind of glass (bio-compatible glass).This glass is then implanted inside body so that it will not irritate surrounding tissue. This RFID device is placed through hyperdermic-type needle inside living body and is inserted very close to the skin surface. But in this method there is possibility of reading personally linked information.



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