Paresh Kulkarni

Intro Whatsapp the most popular chatting app has added a new calling feature to it. Many users were waiting for this feature. Although this feature is in its testing phase but some lucky users of whatsapp have managed to get this feature. This feature is being tested for its voice quality on different network, network coverage and for different types of bugs that are encountered to users.     In […]

WhatsApp Calling Feature

Before understanding what is Virtual Server let us understand what is virtualization???? Let us consider virtualization with example. Suppose you take a hard drive and divided it into different partition then it is called as virtualization. Virtual private server is created through the technology of server virtualization. The main physical server is divided into number of mini server which leads to virtual private server. Each server uses the resources based […]

Virtual Private Server

In the last part of cloud computing we have seen what are the three Service models of cloud computing and some of the important characteristics of cloud computing. And in this part of cloud computing we will see the deployment models of cloud computing, security issues in cloud computing and some important file systems. First let’s start with the deployment models of cloud. There are three deployment model of cloud […]

Cloud Computing –II

In this first part of cloud computing we will only understand what is cloud computing and its three service model. Before understanding what is cloud computing let us consider a simple example for understanding the concept of cloud computing. For example if you want to read a book what would you do? The answer is that you would go to library and then take this book for a week or […]

Cloud Computing-I

As we all know that there are many hackers, crackers all over the internet system. These hackers try to gain access to other person’s account or pc. It is difficult to catch all these hackers. But honeypot is the system that helps to catch hackers and crackers who are trying to hack others account or gain access to others pc. Honeypot is the system used on internet to trap hackers […]

Honeypot The Security System To Track Hackers

In this article we are going to see what is product lifecycle and when & at what time does the life of product comes to an end. To have better life of product many companies opt for Product life cycle management. Product Life Cycle management(PLM) is the term mostly used in different companies such as IBM, Simens, Mphasis for developing the product right from its planning to its maintenance and […]

Do You Know What is Product Life Cycle?

Middleware Technlogy
Middleware is computer software that connects software components or application. There are different middleware technologies such as Java EE, JDBC, JMS, RPC, RMI, EJB ,Entity bean, Message bean, Session bean. In this part-I we will see middleware technologies such as Java EE, JDBC, JMS, RPC, RMI. Let us start with Java EE- 1) Java EE– Java EE stands for Java Platform, Enterprise Edition. It is used for server programming and […]

Middleware Technologies Part-I