System Testing

What is the System Testing?

System testing is an actually a series of different test whose primary purpose is to fully exercise computer based system. Each test has different purpose all work to verify that system elements have been properly integrated and perform allocated functions.

Types of System testing:-

1)      Recovery testing

2)      security testing

3)      stress testing

4)      performance testing


System Testing in Software Testing


Recovery testing:-

a)      Many computer systems must recover from fault and removed the processing within pre-specified time.

b)      In some case system must be fault tolerant or system failure must be corrected within a specified period of time serve economic damage will occur

c)      Recovery testing is system test that forces software to fail in a verity of a ways and verify that recovery is properly performed.

d)      If  a recovery is automatic, reinitialization, check point mechanism and data recovery these are evaluated for correctness.

e)       The mean time to repair is evaluated to determine whether it is within acceptable limit. If recovery requires human intervention

Security testing:-

a)      Any computer based system that manages sensitive information or causes action or that can improperly harm individual is target for improper or illegal penetration.

b)      Security testing verifies that protection mechanism built into system will protect from improper penetration.

c)      During security testing tester plays a role of individual who desire to penetrate system. The tester may attempt to acquire password through external clerical means many attack system with custom software design to break down any defenses, may overwhelm the system, may purposely cause system error, may browse through insecure data, hoping to find to key to system entry.

d)     Given enough time and resource, good security testing will ultimate penetrate a system.


Software Testing Checklists

Stress testing:-

a)      Stress tests are design to comfort program with abnormal situation.

b)      Stress testing is a execute a system in a manner that resources not in normal quantity, frequency or volume. For example,

1)      Special test may be design that generate ten interrupt per second

2)       Data rates may be increased by an order of magnitude of determine how the input function will respond.

3)      Test cases that require other resources are executed

4)      Test cases that may causes memory management problem are design.

5)      Test case that may causes excessive hunting for disk resident data are created.

c)      A variation of stress testing is a technique called sensitive testing.

d)     It attempts to uncover to data combination within valid input classes that may cause instability or improper processing.

Performance testing:-

a)      For real time and embedded system software that provides require function but does not confirm to performance requirement is unacceptable.

b)      Performance testing is a design to test run time performance of a software within the context of a integrated system

c)      Performance testing occurs throughout all steps in the testing process.

d)     The performance of individual module may be accessed as the tests are conducted.

e)      Performance test are often coupled with stress testing and a usually require both the hardware and software instrumentation. These are all about the system testing and types of a system testing.


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