Auto Collage Studio


The Application helps us to create collages and customization of photos. Thanks to the functional tendency and an uneven interface that does not live up to its competition; this application has a unique feature.


Software: Auto Collage Software



This software is interfacing with the task may be complicated, but the stuff provides too useful functionality.

How to create a collage and program graphics is done by the proper guidance of the existed user otherwise, it is a little confusing task.

The help file provided along with the stuff, and you can make the help from the help file.

By selecting photo collages are created, or by selecting frame after few experimenting minutes, entire collage will get created.

30 days trial period provided by the during first-time use.

The provided options are like sharpen, blur and many of image filters also included in the application.

After finishing of all tasks, the collage gets created.

Overall Auto Collage Studio is suitable software for the requirement of Collage of Photos.


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