This article is for the awareness of the reptile species specially snakes. I am going a bit off track by posting this non technical article but it would help in increasing our general knowledge. The first question which arises in our mind is what is reptile? The answer of that question is as What is a reptile? • The species having scales instead of fur or feathers, they don’t have […]

Reptile Species (Snakes) – Part I

This article will give all our readers a basic idea of what exactly is Haptic technology. My aim is to open up possibilities of haptic technologies in the fields of art, design, and education. To attract the interest of potential users of haptics like educators, and students, it’s necessary to provide easy-to-make and easy-to-use haptic devices. as technology is a hot favourite topic in today’s robotic world. Lets start with […]

Haptic Technology

Data Mining
This article gives the information of data mining. The analysis becomes more meaningful using Data Mining, as it enables managers to establish relationship between business elements and find out aspects and facts about their business that may not be evident otherwise. Data mining, thus, a is an information analysis tool that involves the automated discovery of patterns and relationship in a data ware house. Data Mining is a new but […]

Data Mining