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It is the latest contemporary software and is an application that is preferred and used by many users due to its flexibility to adapt too many web and cell phone application. Its versatility for web application especially is very high.




  • It is use by many publication houses and web designer of today world due to its simplicity and easy access of tools.
  • This software gives a platform for many types of work to be done and that to less than one roof as mentioned before.
  • It has ability and a span to cover a variety of applications, helping the user to modify and do changes in his, may be homepage page or own created program or website and the informational display that he has uploaded earlier.
  • The technical support offered by service provider is also great and useful for the user and specifically needed for professional advice and up gradation of application.
  • The easy published renders or displays. Various objects that are user defined, changing converting the photos and database and also gives support for search engine.
  • It also stores information like library or say book that can be viewed whenever we want it is a computer program by means of which one can put up make changes in content. The most applicable web server is Apache. There also many other ways.
  • There is much other available choice too.


Ez Publish : CMS


Why to Use It?


It is also provided with database abstraction layer that help the user for common database. It offers diversified content management and delivery and provides digital experience to user without any haphazard.


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