Virtual Private Server

Before understanding what is Virtual Server let us understand what is virtualization???? Let us consider virtualization with example. Suppose you take a hard drive and divided it into different partition then it is called as virtualization.

Virtual private server is created through the technology of server virtualization. The main physical server is divided into number of mini server which leads to virtual private server. Each server uses the resources based on the requirement of user. Though this server is divided into number of mini servers it provides the same features as that of physical server that is dedicated for a single user. Each Virtual Private Server has their own files and folders, ip address, applications and users which means that each server is capable of performing their own operations.

VPS architecture has three important elements-

1) Operating System Level Virtualization- In this level many instances of server are created at the same time that use the same operating system hardware.

2) Networking Virtualization- In this part routers, gateways and network interfacing cards can be virtualized. Network virtualization is done so as to increase network speed and security.

3) Resource Management- As the name suggests management of resources is done in this element. Different resources such as disk space, number of available NICs and CPU power is managed in this part. Due to management of resources optimum performance is obtained.


Advantages of Virtual Private server-

1) Performance and efficiency- Performance of this type of server is higher than a physical server or shared servers.

2) Cost- As common resources are used in this type of servers hence the cost required to run this type of server is low.

3) Security- As each server is separated from each other providing a completely separate hosting environment hence it provides more security.

Disadvantage of this type of system is maintenance of such type of system is high and also managing the system during heavy traffic is difficult.


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