Vitamin B-12

Vitamin plays a vital role in the body of person. There are different types of vitamin available such as A, B, C, D and so many… This vitamin B 12 also aid for preventing type named megaloblastic anemia this make people weak and weary. For gaining the vitamin B 12 from food we required only two steps and that is hydrochloric acid in the stomach makes different vitamin B 12 from protein in which food is attached.


After performing this process, the vitamin make together of protein and is formed from stomach. It is called as intrinsic factor and this absorbed by the body.  In World there are some people having the problem of pernicious anemia, it is situation where intrinsic factor cannot formed. As this people having the problems of absorbing these vitamin foods.

There is some ratio for it for gaining the vitamin in right proportion and it vary from ages to ages. Here is some of the ratio of it. From birth to 6 months suggestion is 0.4 mcg, below age of seven years suggest to take 0.5 mcg, children age from 1-3 years suggest 0.9 mcg, children age from 4-8 years suggest 1.2 mcg, children age from 9-13 years suggest 1.8 mcg, teens 14-18 years suggest 2.4 mcg, adults 2.4 mcg, pregnant woman suggest 2.6 mcg and the woman who having the breastfeeding suggest 2.8 mcg.

There are some types of food which gives the vitamin B 12.

It is naturally gain from large types animal foods and it mixed into some amount of fortified foods. The vitamin does not contain in plant until and unless it has fortified. Therefore doctors suggest the some food which aid for increasing Vitamin B 12 in body.  The foods includes beef liver and edible bivalve mollusc are the excellent sources for gaining the vitamin. The food such eggs, meat, chicken, milk and other types of milk products which having large amount of vitamins.

Another form of food such as wheat, maize and rye, nutritional yeast and some other food from fortified with this vitamin. There are different types of food available for supplementary for increasing the types of vitamins. Dietary supplements only include the vitamin B 12 or other option for this is nutrients such as folic acid and some B vitamin which is present in it. Sub-lingual also contain the vitamin B 12. There are some reasons due to which the vitamin B 12 is not getting in right ratio and that reasons are: so many people who are older and not getting the appropriate hydrochloric acid in there stomach to take vitamin B 12 which is present naturally present in food. The people having the age of 50 or more can absorbed the vitamin from the fortified foods or from their normal diets. Men or women who are suffering from the pernicious anemia and do not make the intrinsic factor required vitamin B 12. This vitamin will decrease in the following cases such as gastrointestinal surgery, weight loss surgery, or digestive disorder which includes celiac and crohns diseases. The person who is eating the small amount of animal food such as vegetarians will gain vitamin naturally.

Reasons for having vitamin-12 in right proportion

If we not get the vitamin B 12 in right ratio than there is lots of problems such as tiredness, weakness, constipation, decrease in appetite, loss on weight, and more important is megaloblastic anemia. The problems of nerve like tingling in the hands feet or numbness may cause these problems also. Other symbols which shows the less amounts of vitamins such as depression, confusion, weak memory, and soreness of mouth.


Vitamin B12


Those person who does not having the anemia also causes the damages to nerves system of body therefore maintaining the deficiency is more important. The sign of vitamin b 12 deficiencies in infants includes the failure to flourish, problems with some movements and megaloblastic anemia. More amounts of folic acids can hide the vitamin B 12 incomplete by making right megaloblastic anemia. But speaking truth folic acids does not make correct progress to the nervous system which vitamin b causes. Therefore, a healthy child does not get more than 1000 mcg folic acid per day.

What are the side effects?

There are some side effects of this vitamin in our body and they are show here: first is a heart disease this vitamin does not decrease the risk of the heart attack. Second is Dementia. This disease is increased in the people when they are getting the older and these people have more amounts of homo-cysteine in the blood. This vitamin will decrease the homo-cysteine levels but it is not having any evidence for it. In short we can say that vitamin B 12 is not harmful to human being. There is some interaction with the medicine which we take in some cases tablets can make less vitamin B 12 in our body. Consider some examples of this metformin it is drugs which used to treat diabetes. There is test done for checking the vitamin b is present or not for this we should follow some rule such as don’t eat or drink for 10 to 12 hours before doing the test. The doctor takes the small amount of blood from your body. There is no risk of taking the blood from body you feel only small bruises.

In short things to keep in mind are that which food increases the vitamin B12 in our body.

  1. Shellfish
  2. Caviar
  3. Octopus
  4. Tuna
  5. Crab
  6. Cheese
  7. Lobster
  8. Rice milk
  9. Yeast
  10. Whey powder
  11. Low fat buttermilk
  12. Chicken etc.


There are some advantages of vitamin B 12 they are:

  1. This vitamin decreases the chances of the heart disease or protect against it.
  2. It prevent and making DNA to decrease cancer risk.
  3. Provides protection against Dementia.
  4. Boost the energy and power of enduring

In short vitamin B 12 should be maintained in right ratio.


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