Vitamin B7-Biotin

Biotin is also known by the name Coenzyme R. For carboxylase enzymes Vitamin B7 is worked as coenzyme and very essential vitamin required to human body in his day to day life. It is important for to recovery of deficiency of Biotin caused in the pregnancy period of woman, tube feeding for long period and useful for preventing rapid weight loss usually occur in human being. We can also use the vitamin B7 to prevent the malnutrition. It is also necessary to prevent hair-loss, skin rash in babies, gentle depression and diabetes. For maintaining the sugar level in blood and for the growth of cells we can also recommend the vitamin B7. Vitamin B7 flows in the bloodstream and useless or extra amount of quantity of vitamin is thrown out in the form of urine. From this we can conclude that our body cannot preserve the extra amount of vitamin, you must have to take the vitamin B7 regularly to regulate the above activities.

Considering the effectiveness of the vitamin we can state that vitamin B7 is likely effective for the preventing vitamins deficiency. Deficiency Symptoms are like for example hair loss problem, tingling in the legs and arms, red and scaly rashes around the eyes, mouth and nose. Smoking may also cause the deficiency of vitamin B7. Now we see how the vitamin B7is worked? Vitamin B7 is the important part of the enzyme or we simply previously said it as co-enzyme which help to break down the substances for example amino acid, fats, proteins and carbohydrates etc. The process of metabolism is regulated efficiently by this coenzyme. The deficiency of the vitamin B7 is usually identified by the symptoms caused by it rather than taking test for it. Is the vitamin having any safety concerns? To answer this question we can say that vitamin B7 is likely safe and secure for most individuals when it taken orally and as per the direction of physician. It is possibly safe when it is used during the period of pregnancy and breast feeding at recommended amount. People may need extra amount of biotin if they are receiving the dialysis of kidney. It is not known that if the vitamin is interacting with any other medicine or not. But if you are taking any medicine then before taking this vitamin by orally take proper clinical advice or take it as per the direction of your health professional. There are also no any known interaction with any supplement and herbs. But vitamin B7 has the interaction with food as if you are taking un-boiled egg whites daily for few months that may cause biotin deficiency. Because raw egg contains the substance which bind the biotin in the body and prevent it from being metabolize.


Biotin : Vitamin B7


Sources of vitamin B7are as it normally found in several foods in small quantity. We can consume vitamin B7 from large range of foods in our regular diet, but there are some rich sources of vitamin B7 are found. In the food raw eggs, Swiss chard contains the great amount of vitamin B7. The substance present in the egg white degrades the effectiveness of the egg yolksvitamin B7 in individual’s body. Green vegetables, Saskatoons berries are also the considerable sources of vitamin B7. The Western peoples ingest the vitamin B7 through their diet is estimated as ‘35 to 70’ μg/d. Vitamin B7 is also found in the form of supplement. In 1940 Leo Sternbach and Moses Wolf Goldberg developed the synthetic process which uses starting material as fumaric acid. As considering the bioavailability of the vitamin B7 the studies regarding it has been carried out in the chicks and rats. The conclusion of this study is that the bioavailability of the vitamin is variable, depending on the type of foods or supplement being ingested. Generally vitamin exists in the food in the form of protein-bound or biocytin. Primarily for absorption Proteolysis is required. This process help for the free vitamin B7 release from the protein-bound biotin and biocytin. Bioavailability is depends on the ability to break the proteins bond from the food. The enzyme is assists the process of breaking and metabolize the quantity of vitamin B7 from the food.

The considerable frequency of marginal vitamin B7 status is not fixed, but in the alcoholic’s individual the level of circulation of the vitamin than general peoples is considerably low. And also it is relatively at lower level in the urine and plasma of individuals who have had gastrectomy or causes of achlohydria, elderly individuals, burn patients and athletes. The demand of biotin is increased during the pregnancy and lactation

The doses of the vitamin are depending on various factors like age, health, type of body and also depend on the other health conditions. Though the appropriate information of doses is not present now but it will be always beneficial if you are taking vitamin orally with the proper direction and after consulting your professional physician, because the natural products are not usually safe and important. For the vitamin B7 no specific dietary allowance is established. For the babies of 0 to 12 months is 7 mcg as an adequate intake. For the children of 1 to 3 years is 8 mcg, for the children’s of 4 to 8 years is 12mcg. For the children of 9 to 13 years is 20 mcg, for the adolescents of 14 to 18 years is 25 mcg, and for adults of over 18 years and pregnant woman is 30 mcg. And for the breast feeding woman is 35 mcg.


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