WebPlayer Yahoo!


WebPlayer Yahoo! Is a simple tool that helps you develop web pages that can support audio and video playback. It’s a simple wordpress plugins that creates necessary java script code in the web pages that will be required for playing audio or video files.


Software: Yahoo Webplayer


  • Installation is easy.
  • Simply download the plugins and add unpack it.
  • Store the contents in plugins directory of your web site.
  • No heavy installation or heavy downloads.
  • You don’t need to be a Yahoo user to integrate this tool with your browser.
  • To improve upon the product Yahoo may collect some data without hampering your privacy.
  • It’s simple, it’s efficient – it’s WebPlayer Yahoo!

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Sourabh Bhunje, B.E. IT from Pune University. Currently Working at Techliebe. Professional Skills: Programming - Software & Mobile, Web & Graphic Design, Localization, Content Writing, Sub-Titling etc.

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