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How to Look Younger
Today’s world has put a lot of burden on our shoulders. It has everything for us but time. We don’t have time even for ourselves. And that has affected our health and appearance. So if you are aging rapidly or if you are looking a lot older than you actually are, you have to start taking actions right now. Don’t worry. It doesn’t require pain staking procedures. All you have […]

Looking Younger Was Never So Easy

Vitamin B12
Vitamin plays a vital role in the body of person. There are different types of vitamin available such as A, B, C, D and so many… This vitamin B 12 also aid for preventing type named megaloblastic anemia this make people weak and weary. For gaining the vitamin B 12 from food we required only two steps and that is hydrochloric acid in the stomach makes different vitamin B 12 […]

Vitamin B-12

Biotin : Vitamin B7
Biotin is also known by the name Coenzyme R. For carboxylase enzymes Vitamin B7 is worked as coenzyme and very essential vitamin required to human body in his day to day life. It is important for to recovery of deficiency of Biotin caused in the pregnancy period of woman, tube feeding for long period and useful for preventing rapid weight loss usually occur in human being. We can also use the […]

Vitamin B7-Biotin

Vitamin B3 - Niacin
Vitamin B3 has important functions in blood circulation, sex hormone, metabolism of protein and carbohydrate and functioning of nervous system. Deficiency of vitamin B3 causes pallegra. Vitamin B3 deficiency occurs in area where people eat maize as their basic food. Body can easily use fats and protein if consumption of vitamin B3 in diet is good. Need of vitamin B3 in our diet- Following are the reasons for having vitamin […]

Vitamin B3 (Niacin) : The daily nutrition for our body

Eyebrow Dandruff
Protect yourself from eyebrow dandruff, baby dandruff, walking dandruff, dry flaky scalp Taking care of your hair is very important. Most of time in your busy schedule or daily life. One neglects their hair. No proper care of hair causes dandruff in your hair. Most of us face the problem of dandruff. There is various dandruff if you notice dandruff in eyebrow. Everyday life we work, we see the content […]

Eyebrow Dandruff

Dandruff itchy scalp
The problem of head skin is called as Dry Scalp. This is a situation which effect many problems to person. Ones these problems of dry scalp are affected to person then he/she may suffer from itchy, annoy scalp and free from moisture and changes the look of the hairs. The problem of head skin may also reveal in ugly small and thin piece like snow or in short dandruff. The […]

Dry Scalp is a Warning For Head Skin?

Tired of looking tired: get rid of those dark circles
Do you find an old, tired looking glimpse staring back when you use a mirror? Does your dark circle diminish your personality? Then it’s time to get a deep insight into the world of shadows – the dark circles. What are dark circles? “Dark circles” is a common term that usually refers to dark patchy skin under the eyes. Again, the puffiness of the skin under the eyes shares the […]

Tired of looking tired: get rid of those dark circles