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In the last part of cloud computing we have seen what are the three Service models of cloud computing and some of the important characteristics of cloud computing. And in this part of cloud computing we will see the deployment models of cloud computing, security issues in cloud computing and some important file systems. First let’s start with the deployment models of cloud. There are three deployment model of cloud […]

Cloud Computing –II

This article is for the awareness of the reptile species specially snakes. I am going a bit off track by posting this non technical article but it would help in increasing our general knowledge. The first question which arises in our mind is what is reptile? The answer of that question is as What is a reptile? • The species having scales instead of fur or feathers, they don’t have […]

Reptile Species (Snakes) – Part I

Sony Home Theater System
Get the best multimedia experience with Sony BDV-N8100W 5.1 channel 3D blu-ray disc home theatre system with wireless rear speakers. Get entertained like never before with this astonishing home theatre system with stunning looks. Be it 3D movies, sports or some HD videos – Sony BDV – N8100W can play anything with the highest quality you would have ever seen. Get one of the best home theatre systems at a […]

Get the Ultimate Multimedia Experience

Yoga poses for a new Yogi
There are many reasons why you should add yoga practice to your everyday routine for exercise. Yoga adds to health of your mind and body. It helps you relax and removes mental fog, improves your body balance, adds muscular tone and flexibility, and reduces your stress and much more. Even simply inhaling and exhaling through nose steadily (Pranayama) can improve your overall health. But it can appear quite intimidating for […]

Yoga poses for a new Yogi

In this first part of cloud computing we will only understand what is cloud computing and its three service model. Before understanding what is cloud computing let us consider a simple example for understanding the concept of cloud computing. For example if you want to read a book what would you do? The answer is that you would go to library and then take this book for a week or […]

Cloud Computing-I

How to Look Younger
Today’s world has put a lot of burden on our shoulders. It has everything for us but time. We don’t have time even for ourselves. And that has affected our health and appearance. So if you are aging rapidly or if you are looking a lot older than you actually are, you have to start taking actions right now. Don’t worry. It doesn’t require pain staking procedures. All you have […]

Looking Younger Was Never So Easy

Vitamin B12
Vitamin plays a vital role in the body of person. There are different types of vitamin available such as A, B, C, D and so many… This vitamin B 12 also aid for preventing type named megaloblastic anemia this make people weak and weary. For gaining the vitamin B 12 from food we required only two steps and that is hydrochloric acid in the stomach makes different vitamin B 12 […]

Vitamin B-12